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Past Presidents Unite! A Letter from the President

by: Barbara Stroup, 2017 PCMA Southeast President

Past Presidents Unite!

The PCMA SE Board of Directors reached out to our Past Presidents requesting their help in mapping our future by taking an active role and committing to serve on our Past Presidents Circle.  Their mission is simple: to serve in an advisory role to PCMA SE Chapter current officers, directors and committees, as well as to positively reinforce advancements in education and outreach to our members.

The boards’ vision for this group is defined as: This legacy group of advisors will work with the Chapter in the areas of programs and communications so that the Chapter has the opportunity to access history, knowledge, and the network of this senior group to ensure that our Chapter offerings are at the highest level of relevant programs and industry outreach.

At our first meeting of this distinguished group, we were honored to have in attendance eleven PCMA SE Chapter Presidents.  Our discussion topic for this meeting was programs.  The programs committee members joined us for this luncheon along with our host and sponsor, Shepard Exposition Services.

The group discussed current industry topics, shared contacts, and proposed speakers.  Post luncheon, each past president shared with us in what capacity they would be able to serve our chapter.  Our past presidents have committed to be our voice at local college hospitality classes, advisors to our programs, communications and membership committees, and most of all, be a resource to the current board of directors.

We are truly blessed to have this group’s continued commitment to the PCMA SE Chapter and to our industry. Your current board believes that knowledge is of no value unless we put it into practice.   We are tasked to define our purpose with each communication, to offer knowledge of what our members need with every program, to stage networking and fellowship events that bring our community together and to help those in need.

C.S. Lewis wrote, “The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” Our circle has been formed. It was so heartwarming to reach out and to receive a helping hand, a whisper of support and a big hug.

Lisa Kraus gardnerPast Presidents Unite! A Letter from the President