Volunteering provides tremendous benefits including personal growth, professional development,
building industry contacts and developing relationships with colleagues along the way.

Join a Committee

PCMA’s strongest asset is its membership and our member’s willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise. Putting that talent into action by volunteering for a committee can be your first step to an active role in PCMA.

Listed below are the committees on which you can serve. To volunteer, please contact Director of Volunteers, Lori Hedrick at [email protected]

Learn more about PCMA SE Board Positions’ roles & responsibilities:


The PCMA Southeast Chapter offers relevant education, caring community service projects, and an abundance of participation opportunities for meeting professionals.

 As a chapter we are committed to supporting the future of our industry through quality programming, networking, and the participation of our enthusiastic students. 

 PCMA’s Southeast Chapter serves over 500 members from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.

Our vision is to drive economic and social transformation through business events.

Statement of Purpose: PCMA educates, inspires and listens, creating meaningful experiences where passion, purpose and commerce come together.

View the PCMA SE Bylaws

View the PCMA SE Policy and Procedures Manual

The Communications Committee role is to keep members up to date on the Chapter’s activities and events using a variety of mechanisms.

2023 Director – Beth McDaniels
Email: [email protected]

The Membership Committee primarily works on ways to retain and attract members. Most often, the Membership Committee is your first point of contact when you join the Chapter and are the people you look to when you have questions about your membership.

2023 Director – Chris Colbert
Email: [email protected]

The Live Event Experience Committee handles the programs and social events planning, logistics and execution.

2023 Director – Taylor Snow
Email: [email protected]

The Education Committee constructs and organizes the educational content and speaker selection for our educational programs.

2023 Director – Tonisha Landry
Email: [email protected]

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for developing, promoting, and tracking recognition and reward programs for sponsors.

2023 Director – Anna Williams | 2023 Interim Chair – Jennifer Smith
Email: [email protected]

The Community Service Committee is responsible for securing, promoting and marketing Chapter community service projects.

2023 Director – Ronny Coombs
Email: [email protected]

The Volunteer Committee is responsible for promoting chapter members to become active volunteers within all chapter committees.

2023 Director: Lori Hedrick
Email: [email protected]


  • "I have been a long standing member of the PCMA SE Chapter and have served on the Board of Directors for over three years. Serving on the chapter BOD provides valuable opportunities by bringing together both planners and suppliers to work on issues relevant to the event industry. Being engaged and involved in chapter leadership is a highly rewarding experience and pays enormous dividends both professionally and personally. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone this challenging and fulfilling experience!"

    Mike Whittington, MW&A Transportation & Events
  • After I became a member of PCMA SE, I volunteered for the Sponsorship Committee shortly thereafter.  It was a great way to "get my feet wet" in getting to know more members and to feel like I was making a contribution. I really enjoyed it, and it was a natural progression for me to run for Director of Sponsorship once that position became available. Although the responsibility can be daunting at times, it has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have learned so much about all of the benefits our Chapter offers to its members, and my efforts have led to increasing valuable connections, both personally and professionally. Our Board members are a talented, wonderful group of people, and I have so enjoyed working with all of them as well. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get the most of their PCMA membership to get involved.  Everyone has something unique to contribute!

    Kathy Sullivan, ExpoPlus
  • My decision to volunteer with the PCMA SE Chapter wasn't without some early trepidations. I came up with the typical excuses...'I don't have enough time' and 'what's in it for me?' If you're reading this and these same thoughts and justifications are preventing you from volunteering, please learn from me. It turns out the amount of time you devote is entirely up to you, and the rewards both personally and professionally are worth every minute you invest. Your PCMA SE Chapter is always in need of volunteers. There are 5 diverse and important committees to choose from, so please sign up...NO EXCUSES!

    David Keller PRG – Production Resource Group, LLC
Rebecca SchingelCommittees