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2018 Volunteer of the Quarter: Q3

by: Samantha Cribari-Starr, CMP-HC, DES, Director of Community Service

Congratulations to the PCMA Southeast Chapter 2018 Volunteer of the Quarter (Q3): Cassandra Ruelle, CMP, Experience Kissimmee

Community Service Champion is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Cassandra. She is extremely passionate about service to the community and the impact made by our chapter locally in Orlando, and throughout the southeast region.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cassandra for a few years now from working with her in Orlando for an annual convention, during which I’ve been able to know her on a professional and personal level. Above all, I was impressed with Cassandra’s ability to reveal her passion with our committee by demonstrating her knowledge of various, well-deserving organizations we should consider partnering with for our community service efforts.

Cassandra exemplifies all the qualities a volunteer leader should have: passion, a willingness to serve, and a goal to make an impact. Additionally, Cassandra always shows a willingness to support our committee by helping out whenever asked. She continuously provides ideas for community service concepts we should implement in the southeast to help further engage our members to connect with one another by doing good.

We asked Cassandra a few questions about why she serves:

Why do you volunteer with PCMA?  I became a volunteer with PCMA after a chance meeting with Samantha Cribari-Starr at 2017 PCMA Convening Leaders SE Chapter reception.  Samantha leads the Chapter’s Community Service Committee.  After meeting her at the event, she shared the purpose of the committee and invited me to join. I have always believed that it is important to give back to our communities and I loved the idea of collaborating with industry peers to help plan and coordinate opportunities to engage members while giving back to organizations in need.

What inspires you most in volunteering?  Volunteering with PCMA provides a chance to be active in the chapter’s community and challenges you to be creative and think outside of the box.  Also, being on the community service committee, I am always moved and inspired by the charitable organizations we work with that make a difference in the lives of people (and sometimes animals!) in need.

What would you say to others to get them involved?  I would want to share that volunteering isn’t as big as a time commitment as someone may be concerned about.  It’s incredible how much that can be achieved by collaborating with a diverse group of individuals all with their own unique ideas and experiences.  And there is that sense of accomplishment you get after an event knowing that you made an impact for an organization with a good cause.

Learn more about getting involved with PCMA SE Committees.

Thank you Visit Music City and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation for sponsoring the PCMA Southeast Chapter Volunteer of the Quarter and the Year program.




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