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The Importance of Community Service

by Brad Smith, Director of Community Service

Community Service on behalf of the PCMA Southeast chapter transcends the monthly educational and social events. Just because you might not be able to attend events in Atlanta or Orlando does not mean you cannot volunteer on behalf of the chapter.

Whether you get involved with your place of worship, your children’s school or sports teams, social club or friends and family, you are or can be a representative of PCMA.

A recent article in HelpGuide outlines the many surprising benefits to volunteering/ serving. It can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career and even feel happier and healthier: READ MORE HERE

For a great resource for people of all ages looking for ideas of how they can get involved and help your community, check out  This website does have a specific focus on getting youths and teenagers active, but there are some great ideas and articles that can inspire you.


Are you already involved or completed a community project or task? Please send me a quick description and picture so that I can get it posted to the PCMA Southeast Chapter website. Success breeds success, and I am certain that your passions and successes will be inspirational to others!  Contact me at

Lisa Kraus gardnerThe Importance of Community Service