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The Gift of Membership

PCMA Southeast Chapter Members and Non-Members have an opportunity to apply for a 2019 Membership Scholarship

One full-year PCMA membership scholarship will be awarded soon!

You qualify if….

  • You are currently a PCMA SE member and could benefit from having your membership renewed, OR
  • You are not a PCMA SE member and would like to be JUST. LET. US. KNOW.

It is that easy.
Kind of.

The PCMA SE Board of Directors has unanimously approved to gift a one-year membership, but you need to tell us a little bit about why you should be the recipient.

  • Kindly send us a paragraph or two as to why you are deserving of this membership scholarship.
  • Include important details:
    • Are you currently a PCMA SE member, and for how long?
    • How long have you been in the industry or at your current job?
    • How many PCMA SE events have you attended?
    • Do you serve as a PCMA SE VOLUNTEER currently or have you ever?(brownie points!!) (This does NOT disqualify anyone if they are not volunteers/members already)
    • Do you hold membership in any other industry organizations?
    • Can you commit to attending the PCMA SE Chapter Educational luncheons meetings and events in 2019?  (registration fees may apply)
    • Etc, etc, etc… Stuff like that

You get the picture.
If you don’t; well, good luck, anyway.
Make us want to award this Membership to you!

Please submit your request by email to on or before February 1, 2019.

Much success to all!

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