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2023 Board of Directors Announced

2023 Board of Directors
PCMA Southeast Chapter

Per the PCMA Southeast Chapter bylaws, the official announcement of the proposed slate is now being sent to the membership, allowing for additional nominations for any officer or director position by petition by November 26, 2022.

If the 2023 proposed board slate is not contested the following officers and directors will be deemed elected and assume office at the beginning of the 2023 calendar year:

OFFICERS (one-year term):

PRESIDENT: Mary Cline, Wolfgang Puck Catering
PRESIDENT-ELECT: Jennifer Holt, CMP, Caesars Entertainment National Meetings & Events
IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Molly Johnson, CMP, Wilmington and Beaches CVB
SECRETARY/ TREASURER: Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Long Beach CVB

DIRECTORS (continuing in their role for the second year of a three-year term):

: Lori Hedrick, Burroughs Wellcome Fund
COMMUNITY SERVICE: Ronny Coombs, American Society of Nephrology

DIRECTORS (continuing in their role for the third year of a three-year term):

MEMBERSHIP: Chris Colbert, Cobb Travel & Tourism

SPONSORSHIP: Anna Williams, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau

DIRECTORS (beginning their first year of a three-year term):

EDUCATION:  Tonisha Landry, Points of Light

For questions regarding the 2023 Board of Directors, please contact [email protected]

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