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What Would You Do? A Letter from the President

What Would You Do?

Have you watched the show, “What Would You Do?”  I have and I love it.  In this day when we seem to need to be reminded to be kind to others on a daily basis, it is good to see how those around us have not turned a blind eye but will stand up for each other.

When working with association groups or our non-profit friends, we are educated on so many causes, and we as staff, partners, or as vendors may have an opportunity to stand up for these causes – but do we?

The simple answer is, I cannot expect my company to help every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along because if we do, we may compromise our bottom line. There is much truth to that statement.

Can we use the skills that PCMA has bestowed upon us and look at these situations as opportunities? What resources do you have at your fingertips that you may be able to deploy without sacrificing your bottom line?

When you are sending PRs on the acquisition of a new client(s), instead of sharing the size of the show or the impact it has to your business, what if you have your client provide a story of how they impacted a person(s) or a member(s) life by what they do?

Is there an opportunity for our industry as a whole, in this time when we are fighting to allow our members be able to enter the USA, fighting to allow our members and coworkers to openly be who they are no matter what state they are in, to gain access to health care and medicines that could clearly help them, start to speak with our hearts instead of to our bottom line?

Can we be the “BE KIND” servants of our industry and still provide a solid return to our stake holders?

I am sure that many of you are thinking –YES!  So tell us how…

I encourage each of you to email me at what you do to help pay it forward.

Please look at this challenge: What do you do, up and above,  to share a BE KIND message?  What are you doing personally, or what is your company doing to give back in a unique way? Send photos of your team and a short write up that can be shared. What you do can encourage others!

This year, I would like to center my time on platform to share what you do.  Share how you are making this industry act with a heart…. What are you doing?

Lisa Kraus gardnerWhat Would You Do? A Letter from the President