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2018 Volunteer of the Quarter: Q2

by: Edward Vargo, Director of Volunteers

Congratulations to the PCMA Southeast Chapter 2018 Volunteer of the Quarter (Q2): Susan Henderson CMP, Conference Direct

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Brenda Dempsey, Director, Southern Regional Office for the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation announced our chapter’s Volunteer of the Quarter for 2018 Q2 at our recent Educational Program. Susan Henderson CMP with Conference Direct was the honored recipient.

Susan has been instrumental in building the PCMA SE Educational Programs in the Orlando, Florida-area,  and very active in making it a success. We asked Susan a few questions about why she serves:

Why do you volunteer with PCMA?  I got involved with PCMA before there were chapters because the annual meeting education was so excellent.  When the association started the chapters, I got involved immediately because I knew that establishing chapters meant more and even better education, along with the networking that happens when this industry meets.

What inspires you most in volunteering?  I love to learn; and it’s amazing how much you learn when you volunteer that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.  And, you meet new and different people when you volunteer that you might not have met otherwise – working together on a common goal is a bonding experience.

What would you say to others to get them involved?  Getting involved with industry organizations is great training for leadership and personal improvement – and almost always fun!

Learn more about getting involved with PCMA SE Committees.

Thank you Visit Music City and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation for sponsoring the PCMA Southeast Chapter Volunteer of the Quarter and the Year program.




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