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Four Attributes of Prospective PCMA SE Board Members

Deadline to apply is September 2, 2019!

The PCMA Southeast Chapter Board of Directors is seeking members who are interested in serving on our 2020 Board of Directors.

by: Samantha Cribari-Starr, 2019 Secretary/Treasurer, PCMA Southeast Chapter

Next month, the Southeast Chapter of PCMA will be selecting individuals to serve on the board for the following positions: President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Community Service, and Director of Communications.

You may be asking yourself, should I consider applying? First of all, get the idea out of your head that you are not qualified to serve if you have never served on a non-profit board in the past. PCMA SE is always looking for fresh perspectives and that comes in numerous forms, whether it is from someone who has never served on a board or from someone who has served on a board for 10+ years.

My first board experience was with PCMA SE and having served on the board as the Director of Community Service and now Secretary/Treasurer, I know firsthand anyone can do it as long as you have these attributes.

      • Time to Commit: Like with any board position, you need to dedicate time in order to fullfill your duties for the position you are serving. Before applying, truly reflect on whether or not you have the time to fully commit.
      • Collaboration is Key: In order to get any initiative passed or completed while serving on a board, you must be able to collaborate well with others to reach that final goal. You will also need to be able to put yourself out there and provide feedback.
      • Responsibilities: Before applying for a board position, learn the responsibilities. These are linked below, but I would also recommend reaching out to the person who currently serves in the board position to get the entire picture of the role.
      • Passion: It is important to have passion for our industry and PCMA. This is one common denominator all of our board members have as it is the passion for elevating our industry, which pushes them to dedicate time to create initiatives that will ultimately benefit our members.

Like with any volunteer position, you get what you put into it. There are so many benefits from serving, such as expanding your skill set, creating deeper connections with colleagues in the industry, and growing as an industry leader.

I hope you consider joining this great group of industry professionals by applying for the PCMA SE Board by September 2 deadline. LEARN MORE HERE.

Samantha Cribari-Starr
2019 Secretary/Treasurer, PCMA Southeast Chapter

PS – If you are reading this blog, you are valuable member of PCMA SE and we hope to learn from you as well. Please consider sharing your story today!

Learn more about PCMA SE Board Positions’ roles & responsibilities:

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