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Member Spotlight – Volunteer of the Year 2021

PCMASE Volunteer of the Year in 2021 is Rachel Keyes, our featured Member Spotlight for March.

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  • Company Affiliation, how long there and what do you do? Started at Juice Studios July 2021…and I’m the Creative Services Manager.
  • What do you do really well in your job or personal life? My skills match my title, I love being creative both at work and at home. I love the clients and proposals that let my creativity shine! At home, I am always working on a new home project.
  • With all the filming here in Y’allywood—have you been in any movies/shows/series or met any “stars?”
    Of course, if so, please elaborate. I have not but if anyone knows how I can be an extra, I’m in! I have met a handful of celebrities but not through Y’allywood.
  • You are fairly new to PCMASE. How many years have you been a member? I have been a member for just over a year. I got involved after I was named one of PCMA Twenty in their Twenties.
  • You joined PCMASE and immediately started volunteering. Is “getting involved ” part of your personality; were you “voluntold” to participate or…??? I am definitely a person that has a hard time saying no, I love getting involved and helping. I especially love when my passion for the industry and community service come together.
  • Volunteer of the Year is very impressive. What makes you want to volunteer in addition to life and work? When I’m part of something, I really enjoy getting fully plugged in. I’m part of PCMASE, I serve on the hospitality team at Passion City Church, and am also on the Young Professional Leadership Council for CURE Childhood Cancer. I would consider volunteering part of my life.
  • How has your involvement with PCMASE helped you in your professional life? I’ve been able to attend networking functions to build more of a professional network in Atlanta, as well as attending educational events and conferences to help me grow in my career.
  • Please provide some advice to anyone joining PCMASE or any industry organization. Get involved and plugged in, it’s the best way to get connected to the group and really meet people.
  • Do you have a favorite meeting venue in Atlanta and is it ok to share it? I don’t want to pick favorites, I love all of our venues 😊 A new venue I’m excited to work in though is Bishop Station. There’s a lot of creative ways to use their space so can’t wait to have an event there.
  • What about favorite local Atlanta food indulgence? Superica, always down for Mexican food and especially a margarita!
  • Last question: Where are you from and how long have you lived in Atlanta? I am an Atlanta native! I left for college (roll tide!) and then moved back to the city.

Thank you, Rachel, for your volunteer efforts in the chapter and in the world! We look forward to your continued participation and leadership within the chapter. You are our future. Please let Rachel know how much she is appreciated and reach out if you would like to do business with Rachel.


Rachel Keyes, Creative Services & Social Media Manager
Juice Studios™ | 100% Energy: Pure Creativity for Meetings and Events
[email protected]
931 Monroe Drive| Suite A 102 #348 | Atlanta, GA 30308  

Jacky ListonMember Spotlight – Volunteer of the Year 2021